Saturday, September 11, 2010

Products For Hard Water

LUSH's Hard Shampoo Bar
Anyone who has ever tried to wash their hair in hard water knows what a beauty nightmare that can be. The heavy build-up of mineral deposits can turn even the healthiest, most lustrous hair into a certified mess--and
fast. Why? The hard water's excess calcium and magnesium content interferes with the ability of your shampoo to form much lather. Not only that, but the small amount of lather that does beat the odds and actually bubble up combines with those pesky minerals to create a film of mineral salts on your hair. That film is so dense it winds up being very hard to rinse out, which leaves your locks rough, dull, dry, brittle, and tangled to the extreme. Now granted, you could invest in a water softener for your home to avoid this problem. But I've recently discovered a product that gets the job done just as well--and is wonderfully nourishing for all types of hair to boot. That product is LUSH's Hard Shampoo.

LUSH's Hard Shampoo comes in a 1.9 ounce round pink bar and features an amazing list of moisture-packed natural ingredients. Inside you'll find a blend of cocoa butter, hibiscus extract, shea butter, camella oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut butter, geranium bourbon oil, lavender oil, fresh free range eggs, cornflower petals, red rose petals, blue mallow flowers, and gardenia extract. The shea and cocoa butters hydrate each strand of hair, making it as soft as it can be. The eggs are filled with protein, which means they give your locks strength and resilience. All those essential oils smooth fly-aways and add a much-needed dose of healthy shine. And last but not least, the flower petals and extracts infuse the entire formula with a long-lasting summer garden scent. Your locks will smell like freshly-picked blossoms all day long!

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