Friday, September 24, 2010

Buy the right scissors for your haircutting

The most important tool

If you are a professional hairdresser you would know why it is so important to buy right kind of hairdressing scissors. Your comfort with the most significant tool in your business is essential. It is vital to select the right set of scissors for your hair salon. Never compromise on the quality of the hairdresser’s inseparable tool. For different hair type you would require special kind of scissors.  One pair is required for each hair type. Professional hairdressing scissors are not inexpensive and a professional hairstylist would never use anything low than the right scissors. 

Variety of scissors

For creating different hairstyles you would require a different kind of scissors. As you are going to be using the scissors all day you must make sure that each and every aspect of the hairdressers scissors are considered before purchasing them. The scissors should have sharp blades. You can go for bevel edge blade from Germany as they are long-lasting but you need to be an expert to handle them well to your advantage. You can even go for the Japanese convex blade scissors which are quite light weight and are superb for meticulousness in cutting. Another significant aspect of the hairdresser scissors is that it should have a handle which you would be comfortable holding all day long. The handles should be simple and light weight and easy for you to slide your fingers into them.  They are available in different type of grips; Offset grip is for those haircutters who like to use their thumb and ring finger. The opposite grip is most common one which is used by hairdressers who like to use their thumb and middle finger. Apart from these two there is the crane grip, which is favored by most of the professional hairdressers.  You should also decide well in advance the length of the blades which are most suitable to you.

Be selective

Professional hairdressing scissors are priced well. Don’t go for something if you are getting for discount but it doesn’t meet your requirements. It would not be of any use to you if you do not purchase the right pair of scissors. Go for a branded one only if it meets your requirements not because it claims to be good. Hot scissors this season are the Joewell hairdressing scissors. These are incredibly classy and stylish and you can even go for pink hairdressing scissors too as they are chic and quite sought after. The quality of this is superb. The blades have extra long life and are durable.  The reason they are so distinct is that they are hand-crafted from utmost stainless steel alloy.  These are perfect for everyday use because they have a standard polish which is long lasting. Most importantly the pink inserts and pink thumb rest and centre screw make in an exciting tool to work with. Unless and until the hairdresser is in love with his or her work and tools the job is not complete.

Different hair type requires different scissors

Many a times you would find that the quality of hair you cut is different; the same scissors are not able to help you do the job properly without fuss. Ideally you must have different type of scissors for different hair texture as well. Since each haircut requires a different kind of haircutting scissor, it is also crucial to have a different hairdressing scissor for each hair type. It is also quite vital to keep sharpening your hairdressing scissors from time to time. As per the experts hairdressing scissors sharpening is a multiple step process. You need to establish the edge and then gradually make it finer and finer until it is done and the polish of the outer edge is refined even more. Sharpening the inner edge is the hardest part and it is quite possible that while trying to sharpen the same we may break it. It is a slow and gradual process; you can not do and get away with it at once. It is wise to get the sharpening of scissors is done by professional scissor sharpening machines as you do not want your most important and vital tools to be ruined in any way. It is interesting how you never thought about these minute details about the haircutting scissors until you actually decided to open your own haircutting salon. So while you are buying more expensive and important tools and machinery for your haircutting salon you need not forget the importance of a good haircutting tool. With the boom in technology, research and developments are on and there is also some measureable development in the field of hairdressing and styling. With this boom we are coming across latest fashion tools for our haircutting jobs and these are incredibly helpful in changing the persona of the client in your hairdressing salon.


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