Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garlic & Onions for Hair Loss

Can you really make your hair grow back faster by using garlic and onions? You have to be kidding me is the thought that crossed my mind when I personally heard about these two foods and hair loss. They can smell really bad and actually end a conversation and a friendship due to their smells.

However rather than focusing on how these two foods smell, what they can do for your hair is nothing to be ashamed about. Garlic and onions are powerful hair growth stimulating foods because of the amount of sulphur that they contain.

There seems to be no better way to get your hair growing back than with minerals and sulphur is one you don't want to skip.

But just how do you use garlic and onions to fight hair loss? Natural remedies involving the two are the most common techniques that very few actually put to use. For instance you could cut a garlic into a few chopped pieces, add it to a cup of coconut milk, let sit and then massage this mixture into your scalp.

Just let that garlic sit for 45 minutes in the milk or else you're going to lose a lot of friends and may be the talk of your peers. Then there's the more practical way to use garlic and onions to increase hair growth. By rubbing the pulps of these into your scalp you are directly sending sulphur to your follicles.

Really the choice is yours about how you choose to use these to fight baldness. The important thing though is to actually take action and give them a try as well as discover tons of other natural ways to regrow hair.

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